Thursday Night Lights

We gather every Thursday evening (February-December)
at the First Baptist Caring Center 

Thursdays at 6:00pm

We gather every Thursday evening (February-December) at the First Baptist Caring Center parking lot on 3rd and Detroit to have a family cook-out. We invite the poor and the homeless, the lost and marginalized, the needy and broken. We invite anyone who would like to experience our family for an evening, or would simply like a plate of food or someone to listen to them or pray with them. We invite you.

This ministry started in May 2009, when a group of friends were having an outdoor cookout one Thursday night. They invited some homeless men to join them, and they all had such a good time that they kept coming back every week. The Holy Spirit has grown this ministry from a simple act of hospitality to feeding hundreds of people and building many meaningful friendships over the years.

We meet every Thursday, rain or shine. We grill up hamburgers and hot dogs or bring pots of chili or soup or whatever, chow down together, and share about the blessings or burdens we've experienced over the past week. We share about God's faithfulness in our lives and ask for prayer from other believers.

There are a number of ways you can play a significant role in this ministry (Sign up below):
Participate in the TNL
Providing the meal for TNL
Take a shift towing the trailer for TNL
Praying TNL
Giving to TNL

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