We are a 24-7 Prayer Community

Prayer helps us live out the reality of being a spiritual family together. We have prioritized prayer from the beginning days of our community. Our weekly Sunday Gatherings center around a time of prayer and liturgical corporate prayers are spread through the service. We commit to times of prayer during lent and advent each year. We have hosted dedicated 24/7 prayer weeks and continue to do so from time to time. It was out of the inspiration of 24-7 Prayer and the idea of Boiler Rooms that our church took its name. Since that beginning, of our community, we have been connected to the 24-7 Prayer network. Tulsa is a great hub city for of 24-7 Prayer. While we had a shifting prayer room over the years, we now support and empower One River prayer space ministry. Tim and Katrina have been apart of our community for a long time and we are excited to support and partake in their labor of creating prayers spaces for the building up of God’s Kingdom.  
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24-7 Prayer and One River