Why we give.

Weekly we pray as a community to make us more generous.
Rather than explain our stance on giving would you join us in this prayer for The Father to make us more generous?

Godliness with Contentment is great gain
Lord, We bring nothing into this world and take nothing out of it.
Lord, We who call Jesus King devote ourselves to resisting greed which plunges the human heart into ruin and pierces it with many griefs.
Lord, We are determined to practice generosity with free hearts fixing our hope on God and not the uncertainty of wealth.
Lord, We desire to be rich in good deeds and willing to share all that we have, for the laying up for ourselves treasure that will not decay but will shine in the age to come.
Lord, May this be true of our community.

Ways To Give

Give Online

Giving online is safe and secure. You can do a One-Time, Weekly, or Monthly donation.

Give In Person

Give in person at The Merchant on Sunday mornings.

Mail A Check

Give by check to in person.